JoAnn Fly-Smith

JoAnn Fly-Smith is the CEO of Bluugenix LLC, a leading consultancy specializing in network development and adequacy solutions for health plans of varying sizes and across diverse lines of business. With a wealth of experience in managing the intricate facets of clients’ network growth, JoAnn oversees strategic initiatives encompassing network strategy, development, compliance, and reporting. Drawing from a robust background as a Notary professional, JoAnn possesses a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted requirements for notarization across various industries, enhancing her ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes

JoAnn's expertise extends to navigating the dynamic healthcare industry, streamlining provider contracting processes, and effectively mitigating costly delays. Through tailored and adaptable network development solutions, JoAnn empowers clients to maximize financial opportunities in the ever-evolving marketplace. Graduating with an MHA from the University of Indiana, JoAnn Fly-Smith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

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